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Full Body EMS Training In 20 Minutes Once Per Week

More than ever, a powerful, athletic body is considered a symbol of success. If you want to keep up, you need plenty of capacity in reserve. But training in the different areas of strength, speed and endurance often consumes huge amounts of time and energy. All these training goals can now be achieved with a highly effective, time-saving method: Body Time EMS whole body training. Always just right. Body Time meets individual goals, because people‘s physical fitness is improved differently. Training periods are shortened, and success is maximized: fat and weight are reduced, and on the other hand, your joints are protected while you build up muscles, your strength and endurance are enhanced, your shape and problem zones become firmer and your general well-being is improved. Furthermore, side by side, a personal trainer is an important partner in achieving success efficiently with Body Time.

EMS Fitness Training with BODY TIME Personal Training


  1. Intense Full-Body Workout
  2. 20-Minute Training Session per Week
  3. Your Own Dedicated Certified Personal Trainer
  4. Safe and Effective Fitness Results
  5. Healthy Nutrition Plan Tailored to Your Requirements
  6. Decrease your Body Fat Percentage and Increase Your Muscle Mass
  7. Various Accurate Results Based on Your Nutrition Type and Fitness Goals
  8. Convenient Locations Near Your Home or Workplace
  9. Private Sessions and Ladies Only Option
Certificate Body Time EMS Fitness with Personal Trainer for Weight Loss and Toning

Certified EMS Personal Trainers

All trainers at Body Time are experienced and qualified personal trainers; health professionals or sport scientists and have received Body Time training from Germany. The wide range of experience in our national trainer team is not just limited to EMS training − our personal trainers have professional background knowledge about fitness training and can advise you on training and nutrition-related questions. Our professional male/female personal trainers are available just for you to reach your goals in the shortest time possible. You can choose between a male or a female personal trainer.

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